Scaffolding for Obstacle Races

The Flying Ragnar, Storm the Castle, Walhallo Steps or just a strong set of monkey bars: these are the dream obstacles (and sometimes a little nightmarish) that are part of every obstacle race. GPS Scaffolding is the maker and designer of creative and challenging obstacles. We design and build obstacles for events such as the Strong Viking Obstacle Run.


We develop and build our obstacles after careful deliberation with each organization. We consider the difficulty, diversity and challenges for the participants. Our best obstacles contain a WOW-factor: they are challenging, call for courage from the runners and offer a fantastic spectacle for the audience.


All our scaffolding is designed and assembled with safety in mind. Participants are highly unlikely to injure themselves when they approach the obstacle in a normal manner. All our obstacles comply with local regulations.

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Scaffolding for events

Music stages, VIP decks, access scaffolding: event visitors use these without realizing how much time and effort is required to build them! GPS Scaffolding erects with speed and great care, so your visitors can safely enjoy themselves.



Do you organize festivals? We can build your stage, VIP deck or party tent. You can include banners or other decorations to celebrate the festival in style. Do you want to upgrade your festival with an exciting spectacle? We build jumping towers, where visitors do a freestyle jump from a height and land safely on a bouncing air bag.

During many events it is important that visitors can safely cross a street or racing trail. We build walkways and pedestrian bridges for visitor safety.


Safety scaffolding

All our scaffolding complies with the toughest safety regulations. We always work with technical specifications and thoroughly measure our work. That’s why our scaffolding always meets all the standards of your local regulations.