Scaffolding for events

Are you an event organizer? If so, you will meet many challenges. GPS Scaffolding can support you in your preparation, building and disassembling of your festival site.

Organizing festivals and music stages

When you’re organizing an event such a music festival, you need to consider:

  • Main stage
  • Other music stages
  • Party tents
  • VIP decks
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Eye-catching spectacles, such as jumping towers

GPS Scaffolding will help with your preparation, send the required specifications to you, and will start on time to assemble all your stages and other scaffolding. We will ensure that your festival is ready for your artists and visitors, who will enjoy a perfect festival at every location. After your festival, we disassemble all scaffolds so that the site will soon be clean and ready for the public.

Jumping towers

Do you want a WOW-factor for your festival or event? We offer you our jumping tower. Your visitors will feel like real stuntmen. Jump from the tower and drop safely on our bouncing airbag. We guarantee you a lot of ‘oooohs’ and ‘WOW’s!


Pedestrian bridges

The safety of your visitors is the most important factor during your event. Do they have to cross a crowded street, or a street that is required for your sports event? Or do they pass an inaccessible area, such as water or other obstacle? GPS Scaffolding builds pedestrian bridges or walkways on the spot – custom made for any situation.

Safety requirements for events

Host organizations are responsible for the safety of their visitors. Your local government is likely to have stringent safety standards. GPS Scaffolding can help with all safety requirements. We will visit the location with you and assess and measure all areas where you need a stage, pedestrian bridge or other scaffolding. We design all constructions in conjunction with professional construction companies. You will receive detailed plans and specifications to enable you to apply for all permits and licenses necessary to stage your event.



Is safety a priority? If so, it is wise to work only with the best scaffolding builders. Contact us and tell us what you need. We will send you a customized offer.